Association-Oriented Database (AODB) :
  • idea
    • abandoning quantitative minimalism in terms of categories,
    • bringing conceptual, logical and physical modeling down to one level,
    • the notion of association in the very center of the association-oriented modeling idea,
    • principle: one model element should perform one function in the model,
    • principle: one operation should refer to one model element,
    • abandoning ctitious categories occurring in the conceptual sphere only, e.g. aggregation in object-oriented modeling,
  • structure
    • categories: collection (Coll), attribute (Attr), object (Obj), association
    • (Assoc), role (Role), association-object (AssocObj),
    • n-ary relationships established on a physical level,
    • comprehensive approach to multiplicity of relationships (multiplicity also in terms of an association),
    • descriptions of associations and roles,
  • mechanism
    • independent role and attribute inheritance,
    • new inheritance mode,
    • new, unambiguous algorithm for de ning pre xes of attributes and roles, ensuring full access to all components inherited,
    • rede ning the component virtuality mechanism.

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